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View from Ferry Bluff State Natural Area. Photo credit: Liz Pelton

Mitch Silva

As the Land Management Specialist at Groundswell Conservancy, Mitch handles the hands-on conservation and stewardship work on lands protected by Groundswell. He maintains and improves our natural resources, specifically our beautiful prairies and oak savanna remnants. Mitch performs land management tasks such as prairie plantings, brush management, tree felling, herbaceous invasive plant removal, and more. Mitch manages natural resources at many different sites, but predominantly he works at Westport Prairie, Patrick Marsh, Westport Farm, and Pasley’s Swan Creek Farm. 

Before starting at Groundswell, Mitch worked in the conservation field with our partner organization, Operation Fresh Start. He spent the last two years working in the field, studying and managing native ecosystems across southern Wisconsin. 

When Mitch isn’t managing Groundswell’s natural areas, you will still find him outdoors. Mitch enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, foraging, and “really anything outside,” as he describes it.