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Harvesting corn at the Lifting Hearts Therapy Garden at Westport Farm. Photo credit: Yimmuaj Yang

What We Do

Lotus flower at Cherokee Marsh. Photo credit: Jim Hughes

Act On Climate Crisis

Wisconsin weather records show our annual rainfall continues to rise. Flooding is getting worse. We restore and protect the wetlands and streams that clean our water and prevent flooding.

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Snowshoe hike and bonfire at Patrick Marsh credit: Danni Lang

Connect People With Nature

We help people connect to nature. Those who build deep connections to nature are more likely to help protect it.

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A sandhill crane at Cherokee Marsh. Photo credit: Mario Quintana

Conserve Wildlife Habitat

The key to sustaining our ecosystem is protecting all of our wildlife. We protect wildlife by conserving the habitat they need to survive.

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Hmong grower at Groundswell's Westport Farm. Photo credit: Ben Jones

Provide Equitable Access to Land

Everyone depends on farmland, but many people who need land to grow food do not have access to it. We help people overcome barriers to farm land access.

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Vern Treinen with his grandchild. His farm is protected forever with a conservation easement. Photo credit: Roberta Herschleb

Keep Farmland, Farmland

Farm soil is a limited resource—once it’s converted to another use, it’s gone forever. Groundswell helps keep much-needed farmland in production forever.

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Students enjoying their expanded outdoor classroom at Lake View Elementary School. Photo credit: Ben Jones

Create Green Schoolyards

Time in nature increases children’s enthusiasm for learning and school. We create green schoolyards, outdoor classrooms where all children can explore and have fun in nature.

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