Groundswell is thrilled to be part of the Writing the Land project in 2022. Writing the Land is a collaborative project between local land trusts and artists to help raise awareness for the preservation of land, ecosystems, and biodiversity. We’re excited to introduce you to the two talented poets we’re partnering with.

Meet Lisa Marie Brimmer. They are a poet, essayist, theatre artist, and our new partner at Westport Prairie. Having grown up in southern Wisconsin, Lisa Marie feels a special connection to the land here. They will write poems inspired by the rich natural history and diverse wildlife of Westport Prairie.

Angie Trudell Vasquez is a poet, writer, performer, and activist. She is also the current City of Madison Poet Laureate. In this role, she writes poems, teaches workshops, gives talks, and helps cultivate young poets. As Groundswell’s Writing the Land partner, Angie will write poems inspired by Patrick Marsh and its native prairie, oak savanna, and wetland habitats.

We are honored to work with both of these talented writers and can’t wait to share their poems with you, our Groundswell supporters, later this year!