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Hmong elders share their knowledge and expertise at the 2021 Fall Harvest Festival. Photo credit: Roberta Herschleb, 2021.

Yimmuaj Yang

Yimmuaj is the Community Director with Groundswell Conservancy. She believes in relationship building as the foundation to actively engage, build trust, and resiliency with the community and her team members. She likes to convey messages through storytelling; especially the lived experiences of historically excluded communities. She loves food because it is the universal language of all people; food brings people together.

In the past decade, she has been professionally advocating for equitable access to agricultural land, social services, and economic opportunities for communities of color. She has led several high tunnel constructions purchased with NRCS’s EQIP funding, assisted several Hmong families fulfill their dreams of becoming homeowners through Habitat for Humanity, and facilitated job placement for adults with limited English and no work experiences.

During her free time she enjoys cooking, baking, and going out on walks with her little family.