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Good news that on May 9, 2017 we purchased 50 acres (map) of floodplain forest and frontage on the Sugar River at Avon Bottoms Wildlife Area in southwestern Rock County.

This acquisition fills in several gaps in county and state conservation land along S. Nelson Road. Some of it surrounds the Rock County Sugar River Park and boat launch just south of the S. Nelson Road bridge over the Sugar River.

Avon Bottoms is a nearly 3,000 acre wildlife area stretching for seven miles along the Sugar River. At this time of year it is the scene of much migratory bird activity, including the brilliant prothonotary warblers. Thanks to your support we were able to successfully negotiate the purchase of this wonderful property. This is our third acquisition at Avon Bottoms, totaling 598 acres permanently protected since 2006.

Thanks to the willing landowner John Jensen, and funding from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, the North American Wetlands Conservation Act, Pheasants Forever Rock River Valley Chapter, and supporters of Groundswell for permanently protecting this wonderful piece of our state’s great natural heritage.