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Good news that on 8/11/2016, with your support, we completed a conservation easement on Steve Greb and Julie Andersen’s 34-acre farm in the Town of Dunn.

The farm is directly adjacent to the Hook Lake State Wildlife Area and provides a conservation buffer to the public hunting lands, while remaining in private ownership (the farm itself remains closed to the public). Click here for a map of the property.

This is our 23rd project completed in partnership with the Town of Dunn as part of their Rural Preservation Program. The Town of Dunn has long been a recognized leader in  land conservation in Wisconsin. Our partnership with the Town ensures the land conservation we complete today endures forever regardless of changing politics.

Funding for the conservation easement came from the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service through the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program, and the citizens of the Town of Dunn.

Thank you to Steve and Julie for protecting your farm for future generations.