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Conservation was your priority on GivingTuesday

More than 60 people (all listed below in alphabetical order) donated $26,123 for local conservation on GivingTuesday. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

A generous, anonymous donor has given $2 for every $1 donated. That means you gave $26,123, the matching donor gave $52,246, for a combined total of $78,369!

Your generosity makes the protection and management of our special places possible – with lasting effect. Together we are creating more places for people to connect with land and passing on our appreciation for the natural world to the next generation.

Our vision is a world filled with green places where communities thrive. We are so grateful you are a part of this vision and are our partner in conservation where you live.

Anonymous (3) Kirsten Koegel and Jim O’Keane
Becky Abel Mary Anne Koos and Will Abberger
Scott and Rebecca Allen Ed Krois
Nicole Anzia and Michael Davies Sheila Leary
Patricia Arndorfer Pat and Phil Leavenworth
Sandy Bennett Herbert Ley
Lois Bergerson Joe Lusson and Aleen Tierney
Jennifer Bevars Saverio and Lori Maglio
Curt Bjurlin and Alexandra Wells Mary Maher and Eileen Maher
Boyden Financial, Inc Kate and Tom McMahan
Carrie Breunig Carson Mettel
Carol Buelow Deb and Al Nemeth
Joe and Kathy Chase Jason Oswald
Gary Coenen Connie and Mark Pelton
Lizzie Condon Joe Rausch
Greg Delwiche Jamie Richardson
Glenda Denniston Harry and Ann Ripp
Ruth and Cal DeWitt Mark and Dana Roffers
John Evenson David Sample
Joanna Fanney and Dale Fanney Gary Schwager
Don Ferber Mary and Jerry Schwoch
Cameron and Kate Field Mark Smith and Dan Rigney
Karen and Andy Grimmer Mary Spike
Susan Gruber William Taylor
Karl Gutknecht and Susan Hunt William Van Haren
Justin Gutoski Jim Welsh
Julie Hayward Carla Wright
Peter and Beth Kaseman-Wold Lynda and Dick Wright
Darcy Kind and Marc Vitale Rich and Andrea Zietko