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IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution

IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution 

If you are 72 (or turned 70-1/2 years in 2019), the Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) is now a permanent way to reduce your taxable income, even if you do not itemize deductions.

  • While the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) age is 72, the minimum age to begin taking QCDs remains 70 1/2.
  • Contact your IRA plan administrator to make a gift from your IRA to Groundswell Conservancy.
  • Your gift can be cash or stock in any amount up to $100,000. If you are gifting cash, direct your IRA custodian to make your gift to:

Groundswell Conservancy, Inc
211 S Paterson St, Suite 250
Madison, WI 53703

Federal Tax ID # 39-1452825

Your IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution gift can satisfy your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) in whole or in part. Although it avoids income tax on that amount of your RMD, it does not qualify for a further charitable tax deduction. Please contact Heidi Habeger if you wish that your gift be used for a specific purpose.