Starting this fall, employees of state government (including UW System employees), Dane County, City of Madison, Madison Metro School District, Monona School District, and Madison College, can donate to Groundswell through EarthShare Wisconsin in their workplace giving campaigns, primarily through payroll contributions.

Giving to Groundswell through EarthShare Wisconsin is an easy and cost-effective way to support permanent land conservation here in the Dane County region. EarthShare Wisconsin’s goal is to be the public’s trusted and proven way to support Wisconsin’s and the nation’s most respected environmental and conservation charities at work. Earthshare has earned the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance accreditation.

“We are very happy to have Groundswell as a member of EarthShare Wisconsin,” said Managing Director Darren Blankenship. “They have been a very effective organization for many years protecting vital lands, lakes, and streams in Dane County and beyond. That is why my wife and I have been longtime members of the organization.”

EarthShare Wisconsin’s benefiting organizations work hard every day to safeguard public health and the environment by seeking solutions to climate change and sustainability issues, advocating for clean and renewable energy, protecting ancient forests and conserving wildlife and habitat, cleaning up our water and air, saving endangered species, and many other vital initiatives.

If you would like more information about EarthShare Wisconsin and how they can be an option in your workplace giving campaign, please contact managing director Amanda Oenbring at or (240) 333-0306.