What a year! Thanks to supporters like you, Groundswell protected special places in our community, restored important wildlife habitat, connected people to nature, and more. Read all about our latest projects in our 2021-2022 annual reportHere’s a preview of the stories inside.

Photo credit: Mario Quintana

Protected Forever: A Centennial Farm on the Shore of Hook Lake

In early August, the Town of Dunn and Groundswell Conservancy placed a permanent conservation easement on the Peterson Family centennial farm. This easement preserves valuable farmland by restricting development on the 133-acre property…READ MORE.

Photo credit: Sue Ann Schwank

Protected Forever

This past fiscal year our relationships with landowners and communities resulted in the permanent protection of wetlands, farmland, a park, and shorelines. That means our communities are more resilient to flooding, farmers can invest in their soil with the confidence that it won’t be developed, wildlife has more places to thrive, and we all can enjoy more public nature spaces….READ MORE.

Photo credit: Roberta Herschleb

Fall Harvest Picnic

We held our second annual Lifting Hearts Fall Harvest Picnic at Westport Farm on Saturday, September 10. This year, we had a record turnout, with over 120 adults and kids attending…READ MORE.