Good news! Today we protected 180 acres of prairie and oak savanna habitat in the Town of New Glarus. This was made possible by the generous donation of a private conservation easement by landowners Kris and Penny Kubly.

The Four Oaks Farm Conservation Easement protects remnant prairie and oak savanna habitat, extensive restored prairie, and approximately 2,350 feet of streambank on Legler School Branch. Quality sedge meadows, emergent marsh, and oak woodlands are also now protected forever. Together, these habitats host numerous rare, threatened, and endangered plant and animal species.

The Kublys have been active and attentive in caring for this land for many years. That’s why they took the extra step to ensure their hard work restoring and managing this landscape lasts forever. Kris and Penny established a land management endowment which will help fund land management and restoration of the property in perpetuity. Groundswell will work with the landowners (and all future landowners) to ensure the property continues to be managed with the care and attention that the Kublys have shown.

We thank Kris and Penny Kubly for their dedication to protecting this land. We also thank Groundswell supporters like you.