Good news that with your support we completed two more conservation easement projects in partnership with the Town of Dunn, protecting more than 130 acres of prime farmland and open space.

These family farms will forever be a part of the Town of Dunn landscape, regardless of changing politics, thanks to the Town’s Rural Preservation Program. Since the program began in 1997, we have partnered with the town to complete 25 easements, preserving more than thirty percent of the Town’s rich farmland and creating a corridor of protected land (Town of Dunn map).

Funding for these conservation easements came from the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service through the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program, the citizens of the Town of Dunn and Groundswell supporters.

Thank you to the landowners, Ann Carley and Josie Dersien (map of property) and Matt and Josh Dunn (map of property), for protecting your farms for future generations.